The blurb. Books have been written about it, Facebook groups review and argue about it, and you better get it “right.” What is It? Per the dictionary, the blurb is a noun: “a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or…


The wasteland began way before the fall of civilization. It started with the widespread use of Ignium in the 2050s, and its continued use through the 2060s and 2070s. Ignium, an energy similar to electricity and plasma, is easy to create and extremely malleable, therefore economically better than electricity. Its downfall was its slight toxicity….


Three months ago, Forgive Us debuted in the post-apocalyptic fiction genre. This survival thriller has since garnered praise from a wide range of readers and reviewers. “.. a powerhouse of post-apocalyptic prose in this highly engrossing and cinematically styled novel. – K.C. Finn, Reader’s Favorite ★★★★★ The book has been given a face-lift, and all the books with the…

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